Why so quiet? Look at our Gallery! (Shameless plug)

I don’t honestly know the answer to that question. Perhaps because I’m lazy (in fact, I’m almost certain it’s because of my laziness, but I’m also in denial about it 🙂 ). Of course, that means my wife must be lazy as well, since we’re both responsible for posting to this blog, and this will be my second post since her last one. I’m sure she’ll read this and feel it necessary to respond, which is sort of why I’m being antagonistic, because unlike me, who only does stuff after she yells at me, she does stuff because she thinks I’m telling her she can’t or won’t :).

So what have we been up to? Lots of drinking. Ok, well not really alcoholic levels of drinking, but we have been going out places recently. We’ve been to several interesting places in Seattle, and I’ve even begun learning how to navigate my way around there. I’ve learned the names of some of the districts and where they are, etc. We’re slowing it down a bit though, because contrary to popular belief (ok maybe not), going out all the time is fucking expensive! Dropping like $70/night on alcohol adds up if you’re going out every other night. So, needless to say, back to our boring life at home.

So speaking of the boring life at home, we’ve uploaded some pictures of our crappy apartment to our Gallery. I don’t think these pictures tell the whole story of how crappy this apartment is (or Redmond in general for that matter, make sure you don’t stay out too late kids! Everything closes at 8 here…). I guess Microsoft decided to move here because, well god, it’s so quiet here nobody will ever bother our programmers! It’s quieter than South Park here, but there’s no Tom’s Rhinoplasty or stand where Chef sells his salty balls.

So enough bitching, go look at the gallery. Hey, maybe send me an email or something (if you don’t know my address, I’m not going to do one of the non computer-readable address interpretation things, because I hate that, and if you can’t figure out my address based on where you’re viewing this blog at, you probably don’t need to email me anyways). I’ll try to write more often :).


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