Simple People

We watched some good movies this weekend. I’d highly recommend Lost In Translation and I’d recommend Master and Commander. However, while Lost In Translation had a great effect on me, mainly because myself and my wife identified so well with the characters, I’d have to say I spent the most time thinking about Jersey Girl. What, you say, you actually spent time contemplating a Kevin Smith film? It really had nothing to do with the film however.

Obviously, everyone in life wants to be successful. Some more so than others. Some will stop at nothing to arrive at their end goals. For some that’s notorioty, fame, or money. When I was younger I said I’d make a million by 25. Seeing as I’m going to reach that in less than a year and a half, it’s looking a lot less likely. Although I thought I would be when I made that goal, now I have to say I couldn’t care less. When I was a bit younger (I’m sure some of you probably are upset that I’m talking about being younger when I’m only 23 :)) I used to think that I wanted to be wealthy, to run in those circles. I think as recently as a year ago I still wanted that for myself and my wife. However, the more time I’ve spent around the wealthy and the astute, the more I’ve come to despise everything they stand for.

To me, the wealthy mean the “educated”, the snobby, the elite, people who are, at least in their minds, better than the “common” folk. While, I’ll admit to being quite snobby when it comes to intellectual capacity, I in no way think myself a better person simply because I’m smarter. More capable? Quicker learner? Of course, but that does not mean I have nothing to learn from those who whose IQ score is less than mine, or that I am truly smarter than them. Quite the opposite, in fact. Every time I find myself thinking highly of myself I learn once again how much I still have to learn, from nearly everyone. However, what I never want to become is a person who thinks they’re somehow better because I can afford twice or three (or ten, twenty, or thousands) of times more than someone else. What a pitiful and poor life some people must lead, worrying only about their appearance at parties or how their house compares to the Jones’ next door.

The best times I’ve had in my life and the best times likely to come have been shared with friends whom I can sit down and discuss the matters of import of the day or debate some philosophical or religious point of contention (be that a metaphysical religion or a technical one). While I like a nice bottle of wine, the best times of my life will probably always be had over a beer rather than a bottle of the finest wine. No matter their financial or social status, I hope to spend the rest of my life surrounded by people who are simple. Life is so short, that I am allocating absolutely no more time to fake people. I hope never in my life do I believe I’d be happier in New York City than Jersey or that I’d be a better person because I was living in the city. Now, that’s not to say I wouldn’t like the City better, but that the people I know and love are probably more likely to live in Jersey.

So in conclusion, yes, sadly, I spent a lot of time thinking about a Kevin Smith film.

2 Comments on “Simple People”

  1. Ash says:

    That’s probably the most unexpected post you could ever have banged out. It’s frightening how quickly we’re growing up (for real this time, not just that know-it-all asshole 18 year old sort). But that was some nice philosophising. Try to make sure you don’t get too hippie on us though. I know all those Seattle kids and the rain can soften you up. But let me tell you, your wife would probably leave your weak, patchouli stinkin ass and the company would eat your peace loving hippie soul.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know. We are talking about Mel – the girl who always wears flip-flops and was born of Bob and Vicky. I don’t think she’ll leave Clint for being philosophical anytime soon. We recently had the “hippie” discussion. She’s fine with the earthy, environmental, speak for their cause sort. It’s the commune living stinky people I think she has a problem with. The peace, love and power to the people mama hippie is okay. Even though she’s been planting flowers, wearing peasant blouses and avoids warring with neighbors, I don’t think she’ll ever become a full fledged hippie simply because going shopping and wearing ironed clothes is just too important. So, to sum up my thoughts on the subject: as long as Clint keeps taking baths and lets Melanie go shopping – – everything will be just fine.

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