Welcome to our blog

I read while searching for a good blogging tool that we should not begin blogging if we were looking to get famous. So I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about that. Why am I starting a blog? Who do I want to read it? I was able, after some time, to get over my fantasies of becoming one of those famous bloggers. It’s now my most sincere hope that no one ever reads this (ok, so I lied, this is really reverse psychology in a vain attempt to become famous by blogging).

Seriously, welcome to our blog. My wife (that’s the Mel category you see at the right) and I needed a home page. I’m incredibly lazy. I do system administration work for a major wireless carrier by day (and usually by night and on the weekends too), so I wanted something that I could merely type some text into a web form to edit. I can design web pages, but I suck at it. So thusly, this is why you have arrived at my blog in the state it’s in. A gallery will be following probably sometime later today, as that’s another big request of my wife’s.

If you’re here, chances are you know me. So welcome. Maybe we’ll have some interesting things to say.

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